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An eye examination involves a series of tests that measures a person's ocular health and determines how well the person can see.


An eye examination is performed by an Ophtalmologist (M.D. or D.O.) or an Optometrist (O.D.) to determine if there are any pre-existing or potential vision problems.


Routine eye examinations are an important aspect of our general well being. 

Like general physicals and dental exams, eye examinations should be a central part of healthy living. 


Early detection of disease or visual status is crucial in managing such medical eye problems and / or visual problems.




An eye examination also may reveal the presence of many non eye-diseases. Many systemic diseases can affect the eyes, and since the blood vessels in the retina are observed during the exam, certain problems may be uncovered such as high blood pressure or diabetes, to name a few. 


Our doctors at Optica Land will walk you through your eye exam and explain all aspects and the importance of having yearly eye examinations.